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About Dianne

About Dianne


“Creativity is a change in direction.”
— DD


  • Adjunct Professor at New York University Tisch Center for Hospitality and Tourism for over 20 years
  • Recipient of the NYU “Award for Teaching Excellence”
  • Current President of International Live Events Association
  • Board Member for Meeting Professionals International
  • Past President of Meeting Professionals International Greater New York Chapter 
  • Member of National Speakers Association



Dianne Devitt is a creative powerhouse.   With over 25 years of experience as an event architect, author, speaker and teacher, Dianne remains passionate about creative, sensory communication and people.

Dianne’s mission is to influence and inspire others to realize their vision, enhance their potential and provide solutions that have an impact in business and future growth.   

Founder of The DND Group, Inc., Dianne has a 25-year plus track record as  dynamic industry leader in events, production and meetings.    As a creative strategist, she is cited for her management skills on hallmark events including the Clinton Global Initiative, the Apollo 40th Landing Commemoration, the Vietnam 50th Anniversary Presidential event and the European Olympic Games in Baku, Azerbajian. 

As Creator and Producer of the first SenseUP!™ Summit, Dianne identified the focus on sensory communication and its importance and relevance in live communication.    Her workshops, ColorUP!™ focus on how to think creatively to impact business, meetings and events.


The author of What Color is Your Event? The Art of Bringing People Together, Dianne has received and been nominated for industry awards including “Top 20 Industry Professionals in New York.”

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